Donning and Doffing

Another active area of the FLSA in which we have litigating includes what is known as “Donning and Doffing” cases.

These cases involve industries where employees are required to put on and take off protective clothing as a prerequisite for doing their job. Many companies do not pay employees for the time spent donning the protective gear and/or doffing the protective gear at the beginning and ending of a shift, or during break periods throughout the workday. Most of the time the protective clothing is not only required, it is often an essential part of the production process that guarantees the quality of the product.

Many of the industries where we see donning and doffing litigation:

  • chicken processing facilities;
  • beef packing facilities;
  • and other agricultural industries.

We have also seen litigation in industries where the protective clothing is essentially safety gear for hazardous activities.